Mackenzie Investments Applications and Forms

The following forms are used when opening new accounts with Mackenzie Investments and for transferring assets from other institutions. You may request printed copies of these forms by contacting Client Relations at 1-800-387-0614, or locally at 416-922-3217, or by e-mail at service@mackenzieinvestments.com.

Mackenzie Private Wealth Program
Mackenzie Investments Applications
Registered Education Savings Plan
Registered Disability Savings Plan
Mackenzie Investments Group Plans
Registered Accounts Transfer Forms

Account Linking Form
Complete this form to link eligible household accounts for purposes of determining program eligibility and management fee reductions.
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Management Fee Rebate Election Form
This form provides direction to investors, holding corporate class shares in the Mackenzie Private Wealth Program, who are interested in electing to have their fee rebates considered as an adjustment to their ACB, rather than income for the year. The election should be filed with the investor’s tax return for the year of receipt of fee rebates.
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For Series PWX/PWX8: One of the following two forms must be completed if an investor wants to change the Advisor Service Fee from the default rate of 1.0%. Which form you need depends on the Dealer signature requirements:    
Series PWX/PWX8 Investor Account Agreement Form (Investor signature required) English Français
Series PWX/PWX8 Disclosure Form (Financial Advisor signature required) English Français
Mackenzie Investments Applications
Mackenzie Investments Multi-Plan Application
Opening new Registered and Non-Registered Mackenzie Investments accounts
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Mackenzie U.S. Tax Reporting Information Form for Individuals (FATCA) English Français
Mackenzie Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) Application
Opening new Tax-Free Savings Account
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Chequing Service Application
Setting up chequing services on an existing non-registered accounts holding Mackenzie Canadian Money Market Fund
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Assignment of Securities Application
Used when assigning funds in a Mackenzie Investments non-registered account to secure a loan
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Mackenzie Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Enrollment Form English Français
Mackenzie Flexible Payout Service (FPS) Instruction Form
Opening new Mackenzie FPS account
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Mackenzie Guided Portfolio Service (GPS) Client Agreement Form
Complete in consulation with your advisor to enroll in the program
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Pre-Authorized Chequing (PAC) Agreement
Used for setting up a pre-authorized debit from a bank account to purchase Mackenzie Investments mutual funds
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Telephone Redemption Service (TRS)
Setting up telephone redemption service on a Mackenzie Investments non-registered account
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RESP – Individual Plan Application
Opening new RESP accounts for a single child
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RESP – Family Plan Application
Opening new RESP accounts for multiple beneficiaries in the same family
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RESP Withdrawal Form
To make redemptions from a RESP account
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RESP Government Grant Application Form
The following HRSDC form is required to apply for the Canada Education Savings Grant
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Annex A – Additional Beneficiaries(SDE0093-A) English Français
Annex B – Primary Caregiver and/or Custodial Parent/Legal Guardian (SDE0093-B) English Français
Annex C - Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education Savings Application (SDE0093-C) English Français
Family RESP Add Beneficiary Form
The following HRSDC form is required to add a beneficiary to a Family Plan
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RESP Non Financial Update Form
The following form is required to make non-financial changes
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RESP AIP Rollover to RDSP English Français
Alberta Education Savings Grant Application English Français
RDSP Application Form English Français
RDSP Help Guide
How-to Guide to open an account
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RDSP Disability Assistance Payment and PAC English Français
RDSP Holder Consent to Non-Holder Contributions English Français
RDSP Application for CDS Grant/Bond
18 or older
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RDSP Application for CDS Grant/Bond
under 18
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RESP AIP Rollover to RDSP English Français
Specified Disability Savings Plan Election Form English Français
Registered Disability Savings Plan Disability Tax Credit Election Form English Français
Group RRSP Member Application Form English Français
Group TFSA Member Application Form English Français
Group Plan Sponsor Set Up Form English Français
DPSP Set Up Form English Français
DCRPP Set Up Form English Français
DCRPP/DPSP Member Information Form English Français
Registered Transfer Authorization Form (TARI)
Used when transferring registered investments
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Transferring a RRSP plan to Mackenzie Investments from another fund company or trustee
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RDSP Transfer form
Transferring a Registered Disability Savings Plan to Mackenzie Investments from another fund company or trustee
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Transferring from a RRIF to a RRSP
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Transferring a RPP to an RRSP or LIRA/Locked-in RRSP
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Division of registered assets as a result of marriage breakdown
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RRSP over-contribution redemption
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Lifelong Learning Plan
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HBP – T1036
Home Buyers' Plan Redemption from RRSP
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RESP Transfer Form
Transferring an existing RESP from another institution
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RESP AIP Transfer to RRSP
Transferring of AIP payments to an RRSP
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QESI Transfer between RESPs Form
Transfer Between Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP)
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Revocation Request for CDS Grant/Bond English Français
Rollover to RDSP English Français