Looking for a tax-efficient income?

Getting income from your investments can be a good thing. But getting tax-efficient income is even better. By using the Mackenzie T-Series funds, making the transition from accumulating wealth to drawing income becomes a lot easier.

Looking for Income? Look at T-Series.

  1. Tax-efficient income
  2. Tax-deferred switching
  3. Choose between a 6% or 8% annualized distribution, paid monthly
  4. One of the broadest income lineups in the country, including Symmetry
  5. Canadian and U.S. dollar options available

Monthly Income that is Tax-Deferred

Mackenzie T-Series funds provide an alternative for investors looking for steady, tax-efficient cash flow with the potential for capital appreciation. All Mackenzie T-Series funds pay either a 6% (Series T6) or 8% (Series T8) annualized distribution. They also distribute, in whole or in part, return of capital (ROC), which is not immediately taxable. Tax is deferred until the funds units are sold, or the investor’s capital is depleted. The adjusted cost base (ACB) is lowered by the amount of ROC and any capital gain (or loss) is realized when the investment is sold.

Tax-Deferred Switching

Investors can switch between T-Series and the non-T-Series version of the same fund without incurring a taxable disposition. Within Mackenzie Capital Class, the tax advantages are even greater. Mackenzie Capital Class is designed to give taxable investors the freedom to switch from one fund to another within Capital Class and not realize an immediate taxable disposition. Investors no longer have to stay locked in a particular fund because the potential tax cost is too great to switch – giving investors the flexibility they want, on their terms.

Please read the Mackenzie mutual funds simplified prospectus for a discussion of the taxation of mutual funds. Investors should consult their investment professionals and tax advisors prior to implementing any changes to their investment strategies.