The Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation registered as a public foundation with the Canada Revenue Agency and with the Quebec Ministry of Revenue. The objective of the Foundation is to receive and maintain charitable giving funds and to apply all or part of the principal and income from those funds to "Eligible Charities". The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and the majority of the Board is independent of Mackenzie and its affiliates.  
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Are you looking for a charitable giving program that helps you minimize your tax liability and make charitable giving easier?

The Mackenzie Charitable Giving Fund is a donor-advised giving program designed to provide you with a strategic and more focused approach to giving. The smarter you are about giving, the bigger a difference you can make.

With the Mackenzie Charitable Giving Fund, you may get all the advantages of a private foundation without the upfront costs and administrative responsibilities. It is a simple, convenient and smart way to giving that combines immediate tax benefits with the ability to support your favourite charities now and in the future!

Getting started is easy...


5 Easy Steps

  1. THE INITIAL GIFT - Decide on how much you'd like to donate. The initial gift to your fund must be at least $25,000

  2. MAKE THE DONATION - Your financial advisor can help you decide how to donate to your fund. Your donation may be in cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or insurance.

  3. NAME YOUR FUND - Decide what you'd like to call your fund. Every time a grant is sent to a charity, your fund's name will be cited as the source of the gift (unless you choose to grant anonymously or otherwise). e.g. "The Evans Family Charitable Giving Fund".

  4. MAKE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS - Select which "Eligible Mackenzie Fund" you want to invest in and which "Eligible Charities" you wish to receive grants.

  5. NAME YOUR SUCCESSOR - You can choose a successor for your Fund. For example, you may choose to name a child or another family member in order to establish a multigenerational tradition of philanthropy.

Around the beginning of each calendar year, the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation will advise you of the amount that your Fund has available to Grant to charities. Currently, the Foundation expects that the Annual Grant Amount for each Fund will be approximately 3-5% of the value that Fund at the previous year-end. This percentage may be changed at any time.

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