About Mackenzie Master Limited Partnership (MMLP)

The Mackenzie Master Limited Partnership (MMLP) is an amalgamation of eight prior limited partnerships.

A Limited Partnership is a business venture that has three key features, which distinguish it from other types of business.

  • It is backed by investors, known as limited partners, who are not actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business. A general partner (Mackenzie Financial Services Inc. - MFSI) manages the business and is entitled to 0.01% of the net annual income of the limited partnership.
  • The liability, or risk, posed to the investors is limited to the amount that they invested.
  • he investors share the profits or losses of the business and report a percentage of the income or loss generated by the business on their own tax return. The limited partners were entitled to large tax write-off during the initial years and a stream of future income.
Common Questions

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MMLP Adjusted Cost Base

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