In Our Communities

Mackenzie Investments Employees (Human Resources Team) volunteering at North York Harvest Food Bank
Mackenzie Investments Employees (Human Resources Team) volunteering at North York Harvest Food Bank
The people at Mackenzie Investments care. They care about their communities and work to make them better places to live. Employees are generous with their financial support for charities and with their time as volunteers. The Mackenzie team invests their time, money and compassion in our communities to help people across Canada.

Corporate Sustainability

We're on a mission to create a more invested world, together.

We believe in the power of investing responsibly, creating an inclusive culture, and giving back to our communities to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

Learn how we create shared value for our clients, employees, advisors and communities in our new 2020 Corporate Sustainability report.

For up-to-date information on our corporate sustainability commitments and activities, visit IGM Financial Corporate Sustainability

Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation

The Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization that co-ordinates charitable giving and volunteerism at Mackenzie. The Foundation supports charities across Canada, with a special focus on organizations that help children and youth at risk. The Foundation has donated approximately $9.8 million in grants to numerous charities since 1999.

Mackenzie’s Volunteerism

Our employees are encouraged to volunteer in their communities and give back with their time, energy and enthusiasm. Mackenzie Investments provides every employee with one paid volunteer day annually to support the Foundation’s volunteer program. Also, our Committed Volunteer Program links financial assistance with volunteerism. Employees who volunteer at least 40 hours with one or more charities in a calendar year are eligible to designate a grant of $500 from Mackenzie Investments to a registered Canadian charity of their choice.

Imagine Canada Caring Company Since 2008

A Caring Company

Mackenzie Investments is proud to be recognized as a Caring Company by Imagine Canada. The Caring Company Program recognizes corporate citizens that are role models in community investment.

Canadian Red Cross

Canadian Red Cross

Mackenzie Investments is a proud supporter of the Canadian Red Cross. Since 2005 our employees have stepped up to raise money whenever a crisis occurs. Their generosity is matched by a corporate donation from Mackenzie Investments.

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