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Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation

Who We Are

Our story

Established in 1999 with an original gift of $2.3 million from Mackenzie Financial Corporation, the Mackenzie Financial Charitable Foundation forms the heart of our corporate and employee charitable activities.

This employee-driven Foundation coordinates community giving and donation activities on behalf of Mackenzie. Today, the Foundation is funded by donations from our employees and clients. Mackenzie matches all employee donations to the Foundation dollar for dollar, helping us double our efforts.

Our mission

Our mission is to invest in organizations and programs aimed at helping communities in Canada.

Our focus

The Foundation strives to promote the following sectors, as determined by our employees: Social well-being and welfare in Canada, particularly for the benefit of underprivileged, challenged and sick children, youth and young adults, with a special focus on children and youth at risk.

Our objective

To further our leadership among Canadian companies in community involvement and charitable giving, and to provide opportunities to our employees in the community.

At a glance

  • Number of employees: Approximately 1,000
  • Number of employees who volunteer for the Foundation: Over 100
  • Number of Committed Volunteers: 21
  • Number of Employee Committee members: 20
  • Employee donations to the Foundation in 2015: $198,000
  • Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation grants in 2015: $825,000
  • Total grants since the inception of the foundation: $9 million
  • Number of charities receiving grants: 35

How we choose where the money goes

The Foundation serves as a formal mechanism for coordinating the various donation activities of Mackenzie Investments. This is primarily done through the activities of the Mackenzie Investments' Charitable Employee Committee, a group comprised entirely of employee volunteers.

The Committee co-ordinates a number of fundraising activities throughout the year. It promotes and educates employees about volunteer opportunities, encouraging employees to get involved. In support of these efforts, Mackenzie Investments provides one paid volunteer day annually to all employees.

The Committee also reviews all requests for donations that we receive throughout the year. Last year, the Committee conducted a thorough review of more than 180 charities, aiming to identify organizations that best fit its giving guidelines, offer volunteer opportunities for Mackenzie Investments employees, and allow Mackenzie Investments to make a significant impact to the organization through its financial donation.