Our Fund Managers

Our nine distinct investment teams, in-house asset allocation team and four sub-advisory relationships provide investors with a broad range of perspectives and insights ensuring you can always build strong, well-diversified and well-run portfolios for your clients using Mackenzie Investments’ funds.

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Mackenzie Cundill Team

The Mackenzie Cundill Team has an unwavering adherence to a deep value style of investing. The team buys securities trading at significant discounts to Cundill’s estimate of net asset value (NAV) or intrinsic value. They are balanced sheet focused with an emphasis on assets; catalysts to realizing value are identified.

Portfolio Managers: Lawrence Chin, Andrew Massie, James Morton, David Slater, Ratul Kapur

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Mackenzie Ivy Team

The Mackenzie Ivy Team’s investment approach is concentrated portfolios and a blended growth and value investment style. The team focuses on low volatility and preservation of wealth.

Portfolio Managers: Paul Musson, Matt Moody, Robert McKee, Hussein Sunderji

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Mackenzie All Cap Value Team

The Mackenzie All Cap Value Team’s investment approach is bottom-up stock selection, focusing on statistically cheap securities. All cap portfolios are diversified by sector with individual weightings typically at or below 2% to 4% to reduce company-specific risk. Entry and exit prices guided by assessed fair market value, resulting in tight buy and sell disciplines.

Portfolio Managers: Hovig Moushian, William Aldridge, Scott Carscallen, Michael Morden, Alan Pasnik, Gordon Winter, Wincy Wong, Adelaide Kim, Dongwei Ye

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Mackenzie Asian Fixed Income Team

The Mackenzie Asian Fixed Income Team uses a value driven, bottom-up/top-down approach. The team employs an Asian credit and global macro strategy.

Portfolio Managers: Dhimant Shah, Rahul Sinha, Vasanth Arunagiri

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Mackenzie Asset Allocation Team

The Mackenzie Asset Allocation Team uses a mean-variance approach to develop an optimal asset allocation. The team conducts both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of managers and mandates used within portfolios. The Asset Allocation Team manages daily cash flows and performs portfolio rebalancing to ensure that asset class allocations stay within targets, and actively manages currency exposure.

Portfolio Managers: Alain Bergeron, Andrea Hallett, Siyan Tan

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Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

The Mackenzie Fixed Income Team covers a broad range of debt securities and conducts proprietary analysis. Economic analysis helps shape the context for valuing government and corporate sectors.

Portfolio Managers: Steve Locke, Konstantin Boehmer, Felix Wong, Dan Cooper, Movin Mokbel

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Mackenzie Global Emerging Markets Team

The Mackenzie Global Emerging Markets team believes that the ability to capture alpha resides in understanding the macroeconomic environment and investing themes unfolding at any given time. The team takes an active, fundamental approach to investing, utilizing a blended investment style with a thematic overlay.

Portfolio Manager: Jan Cornelis De Bruijn

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Mackenzie Global Equity & Income Team

The Mackenzie Global Equity & Income Team searches the globe for quality, dividend-paying companies that are trading below their estimated intrinsic value.

Portfolio Managers: Darren McKiernan, Eugene Profis

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Mackenzie Growth Team

The Mackenzie Growth Team survey’s a macro environment to identify secular growth themes. The team uses a bottom up portfolio construction, where companies are selected on their own merits and the focus is on industry leaders.

Portfolio Managers: Ashley Misquitta, Mark Grammer, Phil Taller, Chuck Bastyr

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Mackenzie Large Cap GARP Team

The Mackenzie Large Cap GARP Team’s investment approach is a concentrated portfolio anchored with consistent growth companies, and augmented with opportunistic investments in more cyclical companies.

Portfolio Manager: Chuck Roth

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Mackenzie Resource Team

The Mackenzie Resource Team has a multi-level, flexible investment approach driven by an experienced, diverse team, combines top-down macroeconomic analysis with bottom-up stock selection. Macro analysis helps determine thematic tilt and sub-sector positioning.

Portfolio Managers: Benoit Gervais, Onno Rutten

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1832 Asset Management L.P.

1832 Asset Management L.P. offers a wide range of wealth management solutions through financial advisors. These include the mutual funds and hedge funds of Dynamic Funds and the portfolio solutions of the Marquis Investment Program. 1832 Asset Management L.P. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scotiabank.

Portfolio Manager: Michael McHugh

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Bluewater Investment Management

Bluewater Investment Management invests in solid, well-managed companies selling at a discount to their intrinsic value. Their valuation discipline adds a strong element of capital preservation. The company invests in concentrated portfolios.

Portfolio Managers: Dennis Starritt, Dina DeGeer, David Arpin

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JPMorgan Asset Management

JP Morgan Asset Management’s investment approach is bottom-up, fundamental analysis with high conviction, concentrated portfolio. Their approach is long-term, quality bias with investment horizon of three to five years.

Portfolio Manager: Austin Forey

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Putnam Investments Inc.

Putnam Investments’s investment approach is fundamental credit research which employs classic financial analysis. They evaluate companies based on the following characteristics across all issuers and sectors: sustainable competitive advantage, viable capital structure, trajectory of free cash flow, adequate downside protection.

Portfolio Managers: Paul Scanlon, Kevin Murphy, Norman Boucher, Robert Salvin, Robert Schoen, Adrian Chan, Robert Brookby

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Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc.

Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc has a conservative investment approach that is based on fundamentals over fads. The investment management team includes highly skilled portfolio managers, analysts and economists who collaborate regularly, yet make decisions independently. The respected US based company dates back to 1937.

Portfolio Managers: Mike Avery, Philip Sanders, Daniel Becker, Erik Becker, Mark Beischel, Chace Brundige, Cynthia Prince-Fox, Gil Scott, Gus Zinn