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Vlog 05: The Mission Continues

David Faassen, Senior Vice President, Marketing, recaps the Mackenzie Expedition and speaks to two veterans.

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DAVID FAASSEN: We’re back from the Mackenzie Expedition in one piece. The first thing that I would like to say is thank you for all of the amazing support. It’s such a great cause and if you haven’t donated, we’re so close to breaking $100,000. I would implore you to do so. We had a fair share of challenges right from the get-go. A year’s worth of planning was scuttled in the first 18 hours by the wildfires in BC. Despite that, we were able to do an abridged version of the hiking, still make it down the Bella Coola River and then paddle out to the rock where Mackenzie inscribed his name. Along the way, we developed great friendships, we learned how to come together as a team and I think great lessons were passed between the business leaders and the veterans. It was, as mentioned, an amazing cause and so proud to been part of it. I’d like to introduce you to two of the veterans who were on the expedition – two gentlemen who I have grown to admire and now count as friends.  

What do you think is the biggest challenge that veterans face as they transition? 

ROBERT DOLSON, Warrant Officer, CD Company Quartermaster Alpha Company (Mountain) Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry: I think their biggest challenge is the fear of the unknown. I can relate to that. I think this is all I’ve known and I’ve gotten pretty good at it, but the thought of moving on to the civilian world – it really kind of scares me. First of all, am I good enough? Am I smart enough? Can I converse with people of business or outside of the world? Can I adapt? For me, also it was like a belief that there are people out there who are really concerned about military members transitioning and trying to help and make that help and I’ve been preaching it since I came back. There are people out there who want to help. 

DAVID FAASSEN: Thanks, bud, for doing this. Appreciate it very much. 

DAN FRALICK, MWO (Ret’d), Construction Engineering Superintendent, Canadian Military Engineers: No problem. 

DAVID FAASSEN: What are the biggest concerns that you have? What you’ve seen from colleagues who have made the transition? What are the things of concern? 

DAN FRALICK: Ever since you join the military, you’re taken care of from start through finish and you always think that it’s going to be the end all for your whole career and your life, but when you have PTSD, there’s a lot of side effects that come with that such as the loss of self confidence, anxiety, a lot of indecisions – the inability to make everyday decisions that people take for granted. I guess the expedition gave me hope. It gave me hope for my future. It gave me hope that with others’ support, I’m on the road to recovery and I really appreciate that. It’s certainly a game changer for me. It was something that I really needed. The timing was perfect for me. I was releasing from the military, getting out and starting my transition on, but I didn’t know where to go from there. I needed to talk to people who are experienced and successful in their own lives to know where I could go with mine. That’s probably the best part that I got out of it – was living life again.

True Patriot Love

Everyone knows the physical sacrifices that Canada’s military personnel make every day.

But what about the mental and emotional trauma they endure while serving our country?

  • FACT: The risk of suicide for our Veterans exceeds that of the general population.
  • FACT: 60% of medically released military personnel face permanent physical limitations.
  • FACT: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a grim reality for many Veterans.

Most of us can only imagine their painful and horrific experiences. How far would you go to help them? How about Baffin Island?

That’s where two of Mackenzie Investments’ senior leaders, Libby McCready and Fate Saghir, are heading on behalf of True Patriot Love (TPL) Foundation, a national charity dedicated to providing Canadian military and Veteran families with the support they need and the hope they deserve.

Mackenzie is proud to be Presenting Sponsor of True Patriot Love Women’s Expedition: Baffin Island 2019. The expedition will pair Canadian female soldiers and Veterans with female business and community leaders. During this first-ever all-women’s expedition, participants must work as a team to overcome significant physical and mental roadblocks as they snowshoe 100km across the frigid Arctic Circle!

Today, we ask you to support Libby and Fate to raise $100,000 toward this expedition. No donation is too small as every dollar helps provide crucial mental health and transition programs.


You can improve the lives of the military personnel who have sacrificed so much to protect our own lives. To support Libby, Fate and the entire TPL organization, please donate to the cause.

Thanks for your compassion and generosity as you make a difference in the lives of our military.

About TPL

Since 2009, TPL has provided $25 million to fund innovative research and support 750 community-based programs across the country. By addressing the unique challenges resulting from military service including mental health, physical rehabilitation, transitioning to civilian life, and the special needs of children, TPL has helped change the lives of more than 25,000 military families.