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Mackenzie Investments is proud to support the growth of snow sports in Canada – from young cross country skiers making their first strides to seasoned racers stepping up on the world stage. Through our sponsorship of premier snow sport organizations, Mackenzie continues to build lasting relationships with Canadians coast‑to‑coast.

Manny Osborne-Paradis

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MANUEL OSBORNE-PARADIS: When you're competing at the highest levels, you're always searching for the summit.
Last season, I started at the peak. And then everything changed.

Some people might ask, how can you come back? Relentless work, determination, in a word, confidence.

VOICEOVER: Mackenzie Investments, confidence in a changing world.

Mackenzie is also extremely excited to support three-time Olympic downhill racer and World Cup champion Manny Osborne-Paradis. The B.C. native builds on an already incredible season as he comes in 3rd at the 2017 Alpine World Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland. He is also a strong supporter of young athletes, providing bursaries and hosting annual ski camps through his Mike and Manny Foundation.

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Podium finish! Manny wins bronze medal in super-G at 2017 Alpine World Championships in Switzerland More »

World Cups

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Mackenzie Investments is a proud supporter when the world’s best snow sports athletes gather at the Men’s World Cup Downhill, the World Cup of Freestyle Moguls and the Ski Cross World Cup. Cheer on the great talents as they cross the finish line.

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Canadian Grassroots

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Mackenzie Investments is proud to give young athletes the tools to pursue their dreams. Through our sponsorship of Snow Sports Canada, athletes receive access to elite coaches, high calibre training facilities, excellent equipment and innovative technology.

Mackenzie Investments is also a proud partner of Alpine Ontario and Snowboard Ontario, providing funding to support development programs for athletes from grassroots to elite levels, training for coaches, equipment and events throughout the province.

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