Mackenzie Express

A Spectrum of ETFs. In a Single Solution

Introducing Mackenzie ETF Portfolios: Give clients Mackenzie's active, strategic beta and traditional index ETFs in a mutual fund. The benefits of ETFs combined with the benefits of mutual funds.

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Don't Miss Out! Mackenzie ETF Portfolios Webcast: Feb. 21

Give your clients easy access to a full spectrum of ETFs in simple solutions with Mackenzie ETF Portfolios. Our speakers will explain how Mackenzie ETF Portfolios combine active, strategic beta and traditional index ETFs in a unified investment for clients.

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RRSP Reminder: Balanced for High Performance

March 1, 2018: The RRSP deadline is almost here – Mackenzie has diversified balanced funds that offer 5-star performance.

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High Stock Valuations can Persist in the Absence of Inflation

Mackenzie Bluewater team says the sustainability of high equity valuations is likely tied to the sustainability of low inflation.

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Mackenzie Expands into Index ETFs

Mackenzie recently launched 13 new index ETFs that broaden choice for investors in equity and bond ETFs.

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