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Mackenzie Diversified Alternatives Fund: 3 years of solid returns

Mackenzie Diversified Alternatives Fund (MDAF) continues to provide effective diversification to a traditional balanced portfolio through exposure to liquid alternative asset classes. Explore the enhanced risk/return potential of liquid alternative solutions.

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Mackenzie Growth Team’s Price Discipline at Work

The latest fund insight from the Mackenzie Growth Team covers the importance of building price discipline into the investment process. In addition, read about the team’s in-depth approach to building Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Models.

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Meet Alex Bellefleur, Mackenzie Investment's new Chief Economist & Strategist

Alex talks about the importance of high-quality research in the investment process. Alex will be bringing a systematized approach to macro-economic research to the Multi-Asset Strategies Team. Watch for future reports from Alex.

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IVY Quarterly Review

Read the latest quarterly report from Paul Musson and the Mackenzie Ivy Team. The report covers what has happened in the markets and how it has informed the team’s decisions.

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