Mackenzie Express

Mackenzie Express

Mackenzie Investments recognized at Fundata Awards

The industry-leading, risk-adjusted fund performance of several Mackenzie funds was recently recognized by the Fundata FundGrade A+ Awards.

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Mackenzie Investments enhances its suite of smart beta ETFs and mutual funds

Mackenzie has rounded off its suite of high diversification solutions with an emerging markets equity ETF and an emerging markets equity mutual fund that utilize the innovative and patented TOBAM methodology. Explore these new funds.

Build Confidence this RRSP Season with Mackenzie’s Unique Toolkit

Mackenzie Investments has developed a unique toolkit to help advisors communicate effectively with their clients this RRSP season. View our Advisor toolkit for resources designed to help you communicate the value of your advice.

2016 Tax Receipts

2016 contribution receipts and T4s were mailed and posted on InvestorAccess and AdvisorAccess. Additional tax receipts will soon be available. Find out more.