Investing Fundamentals

Investing Concepts

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Real Return of a GIC

Help your clients see their real returns of a GIC after taking factors like tax and inflation into account.

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Why choose a bond fund over a GIC

Help your clients understand why choosing a bond fund over a GIC can be the smarter choice, even for conservative investors.

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Dividend investing: Tried and true, for a reason

Help your clients see why compounding dividends has historically supported long-term portfolio growth.

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Understanding mutual funds

Investing fundamentals series.

Market Volatility

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Investor's Guide: Market volatility

Share this guide to help your clients see how markets have remained resilient despite short-term volatility.

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Navigating volatile markets

Share this e-book of insights from thought leaders to help your clients navigate challenging markets.

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Diversify your portfolio for a smoother ride

Keeping a diversified portfolio is important because performance among asset classes is unpredictable.

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Markets move higher over time but expect a few bumps

Markets can be bumpy in the short-term, but in the long-term they have historically generated positive returns.

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The ride up is usually bigger than the ride down

During falling markets its important to remember that bull markets have historically lasted longer than bear markets.

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Recessions are often unsettling but usually short-lived

Remember that recessions are a normal part of the economic cycle and are historically shorter than expansions.

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Lower volatility potential with dollar-cost averaging

Regular investing through dollar-cost averaging can be an effective investment strategy to reach your long-term goals.

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Riding the emotional rollercoaster

Help your clients avoid making emotional decisions that can harm their long-term investing goals.

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Markets eventually recover despite volatility

Despite short-term crises, over the long-term markets have proven resilient by recovering and reaching new highs.

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Reducing volatility, not returns

Investors with a long time horizon see less volatility and higher returns the longer they stay in the market.

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Stay on track to get ahead

Staying invested in markets during downturns often means recovering quicker when markets bounce back.

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Timing the market is tougher than it sounds

Investors who attempt to time the market often tend to end up buying high and selling low.

Power of Advice

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Mackenzie fees and mutual fund investing: The facts

Get the facts on the fees you pay for investment management, advice and more with Mackenzie funds.

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Five steps to hiring the right financial advisor

Get five essential steps to finding the right financial advisor for your needs.

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Mutual fund investing: Facts about cost

This booklet contains an overview of what investors need to know about investing in mutual funds.

Staying Invested

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Invest for the long term

See how long-term investors have seen their portfolios bounce backed following sharp declines.