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Fixed Income

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Fixed income investing with active ETFs

See how our actively managed Fixed Income ETF can help you navigate fixed income markets.

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Short duration fixed income solutions

Read about the benefits of actively managed short duration investments and how they can be used in client portfolios.

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Why you may benefit from an unconstrained fixed income solution

Take an unconstrined approach to your fixed income allocation with the Mackenzie Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund.


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Why you need global dividends in your portfolio

See how the Mackenzie Global Dividend Fund can provide durable growth over time.

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Investing for the new decade

See how identifies companies with the ability to grow at above-market rates and sustain that growth in most macroeconomic environments.

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Why you need global small and mid caps in your portfolio

Help your clients understand how they may benefit from the Mackenzie Global Small-Mid Cap Fund

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Why you need US equities in your portfolio

Use the Mackenzie U.S. All Cap Growth Fund to help your clients gain exposure to US growth companies.

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ChinaAMC update on key topics about China

Richard Pan Managing Director of ChinaAMC shares his analysis of seven key topics on China's equity markets


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Why balanced? For returns and risk management

Help your clients see why a balacned portfolio that is diversified between asset classes offers more consistent performance.

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Why a global balanced solution should be the core of your portfolio

Learn how the Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund can be used as a reliable core holding for your clients' portfolio.

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Why a balanced solution should be the core of your portfolio

Read why the Mackenzie Income Fund can be a core holding for your clients looking for a more conservative approach.


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Monthly Income Portfolios Brochure

Help your clients see how a Mackenizie Monthly Income Portfolios can help provide predictable income for a secure retirement

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Mackenzie ETF Portfolios

See how Mackenzie ETF Portfolios can make difficult investment decisions easier for your clients.

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Why you need predictable cash flow

Read how our Mackenzie Monthly Income Portfolios can provide steady predictable cashflow with built in risk management.


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The alternative way to stabilize core portfolios

See how liquid alternatives enable all investors to broaden their opportunities.

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Your guide to investing in liquid alternatives

This guide provides an overview of liquid alternative investments and how they can complement a traditional portfolio of stocks & bonds.

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The opportunity with alternatives

Understand how liquid alternative investments can bring true diversification and increased stability to your clients' portfolios.

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Liquid alternatives are showing their value as diversifiers

Michael Schnitman, SVP and Head of Alternative Investments, looks at how alternative strategies have performed in this Globe Advisor article.

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Alternatives: A new way to diversify

Learn how non-directional strategies can create diversification for client portfolios.

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Building resilience in volatility

Learn more about absolute return strategies and how they are built to deliver in rising and falling markets.

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Accelerating the democratization of alternative investments

Globe & Mail article on why the democratization of alternative investments is just beginning.

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Why absolute return strategies belong in every Canadian’s portfolio

Head of Alternative Investments Michael Schnitman explains explains the significance of alpha focus in Wealth Professional.

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Why you need alternative asset classes in your portfolio

Investors looking to diversify beyond traditional equity and fixed income investments should consider the Mackenzie Diversified Alternatives Fund

Exchange Traded Funds

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Mackenzie ETF brochure

Get an overview of our comprehensive suite of ETFs designed for Canadian investors.

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Fixed income ETF solutions

Get an overview of our fixed income ETF solutions.

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Equity ETF solutions

Get an overview of our equity ETF solutions.

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The case for asset allocation

See how our suite of asset allocation ETFs provide effective asset allocation in a single solution.

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Mackenzie Asset Allocation ETFs

See a list of our single-ticket asset allocation ETF solutions.

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Mackenzie ETF Product List

See a list of our full suite of ETF solutions.

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Mackenzie ETF Distribution Schedule

Download our schedule of 2023 distributions for our ETF lineup.

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Understanding ETF premiums and discounts

Learn why ETF units generally reflect the market value of its underlying basket of securities.

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Dispel ETF myths with ETF realities

Dispel 8 common misconceptions investors have about ETFs.

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Why you need enhanced diversification

Learn how the Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Index ETFs offfers deeper diversification.


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Make an impact with your investinga

A Q&A with portfolio managers of the Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact Fund.

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Make a difference to the environment and your portfolio

See what makes the Mackenzie Greenchip Global Environmental All Cap Fund unique.

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UN Women's Empowerment Principals

Mary Mathers, Senior Investment Director, shares why we are a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP).

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