Tax & Estate Planning

Tax Strategies

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2021 year-end tax strategies you need to know

See how new and existing tax changes can effectively reduce your clients’ 2021 tax bill.


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2021 Tax Facts

A breakdown of federal and provincial marginal rates, by province for the tax year 2021.

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Tax measures to combat COVID-19

Get insights on the economic support provided tby the Federal government in response to COVID-19.

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2021 Tax Planning Quick Reference Guide

Learn more about tax rates, contribution limits and more for individuals the 2021 tax year.


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Making lemonade out of tax losses

Guerlane Noël outlines some strategies for harvesting tax losses.

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2021 income in a corporation quick reference guide

Learn more about tax rates, contribution limits and more for coprporations in the 2021 tax year.

Estate Planning

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2021 Estate planning Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide outlines key information for estate planning.

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Executor Checklist

Share this checklist with an executor to help them fulfill their duties.

Charitable Giving

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Charitable Giving Investor Guide

Show your clients how they can easily give to the causes they care about through their estate.
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Testamentary donations to the Mackenzie Charitable Giving program

Share this guide with clients who are interested in leaving a last gift through their estate.

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Mackenzie Charitable Giving program eligible fund code list

Reference this list of funds when making eligible donations to the Mackenzie Charitable Giving Program.

Registered Disability Savings Plans

Prospecting Tool pdf

Talking to your clients about an RDSP

A guide to help you start the conversation with clients who may benefit from an RDSP.

Prospecting Tool Template

RDSP Prospecting Letter

A template designed to help you when sending a letter to your clients to get the conversation started.

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RDSP Investors Guide

This brochure explains the main features of the RDSP and provides examples to illustrate how they can best be used.

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RDSP Investor FAQ

Frequently asked questions that can provide answers on RDSP programs.

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RDSP Pamphlet

A pamphlet that you can send to clients who may benefit from an RDSP.

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How to open an RDSP

This document explains the process of opening an RDSP in five easy steps.

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RDSP Help Guide

This document outlines the steps your client needs to take when opening an RDSP.

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Eligible funds for RDSP and commissions

See which Mackenzie funds are eligible for the RDSP and their associated commission rates.