Rethinking the way forward.

Change is everywhere. Now more than ever, you need the latest thinking from our experts.

As the world continues to navigate the pandemic, 2022 presents both challenges and opportunities for investors. Here, you’ll find informative and thought-provoking views from our investment teams on the trends we believe will shape the future of capital markets.


What’s happening on the road to economic recovery

The Future

How the pandemic has changed the world we invest in


Getting portfolios in sync with post-pandemic realities


Fresh perspectives on balancing people, profit and planet

Economies Recalibrated

The world is on the long road back to economic stability after one of the biggest ever shake-ups of global economic systems. We explain the impact of macroeconomic factors on investments and offer strategies for dealing with a challenging environment that is, in many ways, uncharted territory.

2023 Outlook

Mackenzie’s Blue Book provides a near-term view of what the coming year holds for investors.


The recent Fed meeting and long-term inflation expectations

Dustin explores the recent Fed decisions to raise interest points by 75 basis points, what’s happening in Europe and Japan, and how all these affect the portfolio.


Dustin Reid, MBA
VP, Chief Fixed Income Strategist
Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Portfolios Reconstructed

Portfolios constructed before the pandemic were founded on very different assumptions than we have today. We’ll introduce you to new and innovative strategies and products to help better match investors’ objectives to outcomes and address the new realities. 

Pandemic portfolio positioning & the current state of the tech market

Darren joins the Mackenzie podcast series to share a history of portfolio changes adjusting to pandemic and post-pandemic environments.

Darren McKiernan, CFA
SVP, Portfolio Manager, Head of Team
Mackenzie Global Equity & Income Team


Multi-asset strategies insight

Equity overweight: We expect global stock markets to deliver a lower return than in recent years as global central banks hike rates and tighten liquidity as growth slows in corporate earnings.

Nelson Arruda, MFin, MSc, CFA
SVP, Portfolio Manager, Team Co-Lead
Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team


Your guide to investing in private credit

Private credit is generally sought out for its enhanced yield or total return potential versus publicly traded fixed income. It may also bring considerable diversification benefits to a larger multi-asset class portfolio.


What might be missing from your portfolio?

Michael discusses how retirement portfolios have changed, and why investors may be missing a very important piece.

Michael Schnitman
SVP, Head of Alternative Investments
Mackenzie Investments

Sustainability Rebalanced

Sustainable investing is a complex challenge that requires the careful balancing of environmental, social and economic interests. With multiple teams working on ESG from different perspectives, Mackenzie takes a holistic approach. 

Opportunities in ESG-oriented solutions

Sustainable fixed income research.

Konstantin Boehmer, MBA
SVP, Co-Lead of Fixed Income Team, Head of Global Macro, Portfolio Manager Mackenzie Fixed Income Team


Doing better, together

Find out why we believe a stakeholder lens is key to building long-term sustainable portfolios.


2023 environmental outlook

Our sustainability experts weigh in on the challenges and opportunities in the environmental space


An honest plan to reduce emissions

A plan for a green future needs to acknowledge the scale and scope of transformation that is required.

Benoit Gervais, MSc, CFA
SVP, Portfolio Manager, Head of Team
Mackenzie Resource Team

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