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Expert Insights

Perspective Article

Effective asset allocation with a single, low cost solution

Prerna Chandak looks at how single ticket ETF solutions are being used for diversification and risk management.

Perspective Podcast

Insights on the US election results

Featuring Dustin Reid, Chief Fixed Income Strategist.

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CERB: What your clients need to know

Jacqueline Power shares information on what your clients should know about the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

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Managing risk by finding ‘easier’ areas to invest

The Mackenzie Bluewater Team outlines 4 industry characteristics that inform their investment approach.

Market Updates

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Weekly Market Snapshot: For the week ending May 7, 2021

From Brent Joyce, Investment Strategist & Justin Truong, Manager, Investment Strategy


Canadian dollar 2021 forecast

From Brent Joyce, Investment Strategist & Justin Truong, Manager, Investment Strategy

Portfolio Construction

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The benefits of private equity replication

This paper develops and then analyzes an approach to creating liquid private equity.

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Modeling Mackenzie’s fixed income funds

Rethink how fixed income assets can be combined in a portfolio to help maximize its risk and return characteristics.

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Investing in China

Understand context to uncover opportunity in China's equity markets.

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Correlation vs. beta: What is the difference?

Learn how correlation and beta can help you judge the diversification potential of a new investment.