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ETF Expert Perspectives

Perspective Article

Part 2: Index Investing. Index ETFs are not all created equal

How seemingly similar index ETFs can have crucial differences – and how you can spot them.

Perspective Article

Asset Allocation – What are you missing?

Naseem Husain looks at the role of asset allocation in investor portfolios.

Perspective Article

Effective asset allocation with a single, low cost solution

Prerna Chandak looks at how single ticket ETF solutions are being used for diversification and risk management.

Using ETFs to complement your own stock picking ideas

Naseem Husain provides highlights from a recent presentation on how DIY investors are using ETFs.

Snap your portfolio back in line with index ETFs

Stacey Steinberg looks at how advisors can use Index ETFs as tools for rebalancing portfolios.

Looking ahead to the next 30 years: Part 1

Prerna Chandak shares her insights on how evolving technology and efficiency will drive the evolution of ETFs.

Looking ahead to the next 30 years: Part 2

Prerna Chandak shares her thoughts on how ETF providers and advisors work together to meet the needs of investors.

Looking ahead to the next 30 years: Part 3

Prerna Chandak looks at how asset allocation and investment objective driven decisions will propel the ETF industry.

Portfolio Manager Insights


2022 Outlook

2022 presents both challenges and opportunities for investors. Read key short- and long-term trends that might help shape the future of capital markets.

Insights on the US election results

Featuring Dustin Reid, Chief Fixed Income Strategist.

SRI & ESG Investing

John A. Cook, President of Greenchip Financial Corp.

Strategic allocation to gold

Featuring Onno Rutten, Portfolio Manager, Mackenzie Resource Team.

Women and wealth

Time to step up and answer the call

The climate surrounding the US elections.

Featuring Dustin Reid, Chief Fixed Income Strategist.

A look at Exchange Traded Funds

Featuring Michael Cooke, Head of Exchange Traded Funds.

Quantitative portfolio management

Featuring Arup Datta, Head of Mackenzie's Global Quantitative Equity Team.

Equity market valuations and interest rates

Featuring David Arpin, Lead Portfolio Manager of the Mackenzie US Growth Fund and Mackenzie Global Growth Fund.

Finding high-quality growth companies

Featuring Richard Bodzy and Greg McCullough of Putnam Investments, Portfolio Managers of the Mackenzie US All Cap Growth Fund.

Efficiency in global resource investing

Featuring Benoit Gervais, Head of Mackenzie Resources Team.

Power Corporation's history in China - Part 2

Featuring Peter Kruyt, Senior Advisor at Power Corporation of Canada.

Power Corporation's history in China - Part 1

Featuring Peter Kruyt, Senior Advisor at Power Corporation of Canada.

The Diversification Ratio and ESG principles

Featuring Yves Choueifaty, Founder and CEO of TOBAM Core Investments.

Investing in today's market

Featuring Darren McKiernan, Head of Mackenzie Global Equity & Income Team.

Alternative assets, gold and inflation

Featuring Matt Cardillo, Portfolio Manager, Mackenzie Systematic Strategies Team.

Maneuvering through markets in a pandemic

Featuring Steve Locke, Portfolio Manager and Head of the Mackenzie Fixed Income Team.

Thoughts on the future of oil and recessions

Featuring David Arpin, Co-Lead of the Mackenzie Bluewater Team.

The Fed, inflation and European markets

Featuring Dustin Reid, Chief Fixed Income Strategist.

Tax & Estate Insights

Canada’s Fall Economic Update

Summary of key updates on personal and corporate tax measures and additional income support.

Talking to clients about a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

This article can help you assess whether your clients may be eligable for a Registered Disability Savings Plan.

The benefits of a family trust

This article provides case studies that can help you and your clients understand the benefits of setting up a family trust.

When does an Enduring Power of Attorney become active?

Tim Brisibe looks at cases and scenarios where enduring power of attorney becomes active.

Tax measures to combat Covid-19

The Tax & Estate planning group outlines tax measures for businesses affected by Covid-19

2020 Tax Planning Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide can be used to help you understand your clients' tax planning needs in 2020.

Deducting home office expenses during the pandemic

Frank Di Petro shares insights on deductions that may be claimable while working from home.

CERB: What your clients need to know

Jacqueline Power shares information on what your clients should know about the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

Fund Insights

Simple but not easy

Ome Saidi looks at the Global Equity & Income Team’s investment process

The case for global small and mid-cap investing

See why global small-cap and mid-cap stocks have historically proven to be a valuable component for the construction of investor portfolios.

Managing risk by finding ‘easier’ areas to invest

The Mackenzie Bluewater Team outlines 4 industry characteristics that inform their investment approach.


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