Portfolio Construction

Stay up-to-date with the latest insights on asset classes, products and investment ideas to ensure that your clients' portfolios are well positioned for the current market environment.

Fixed Income

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Modeling Mackenzie’s fixed income funds

Rethink how fixed income assets can be combined in a portfolio to help maximize its risk and return characteristics.

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Mackenzie fixed income strategies

See how our actively managed fixed income ETFs provide a new way to navigate fixed income markets.

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Mackenzie fixed income capabilities

Learn more about our fixed income capabilities, investment philosophy, expertise and strategies.

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Short duration fixed income solutions

See the benefits of actively managed short duration investments and how they can be used in client portfolios.


Fixed Income Portfolio Statistics


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The benefits of private equity replication

This paper develops and then analyzes an approach to creating liquid private equity.

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Investing in China

Understand context to uncover opportunity in China's equity markets.

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Using small-cap equities in portfolios

Our Portfolio Construction team outlines the unique opportunity that small-cap equities provide.

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Finding opportunities with US mid-caps

Learn how the Mackenzie Growth Team seeks out innovative companies unrecognized growth potential.

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Index investing with a difference

Learn about the benefits of TOBAM's Maximum Diversification methodology and which products use it.

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Global Equities: The case for compounders

See why a “compounder” approach has the potential to deliver enduring returns with global equities.


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Correlation vs. beta: What is the difference?

Learn how correlation and beta can help you judge the diversification potential of a new investment.

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Liquid alternatives: What can they do for a portfolio?

See the three key benefits liquid alternatives can bring when added to traditional portfolios.

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Implementing a portable alpha strategy

Learn how to implement portable alpha in multi-asset portfolios.

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Liquid alternative: How do they do it?

Learn how liquid alternative funds could provide return enhancement, risk management, and income.

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Liquid alternative: How much to invest?

Read how multi-asset portfolios use both passive index strategies and active alpha strategies.


Balanced Portfolio Statistics