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Mackenzie Minute: June 1, 2018

Andrea Hallett, Portfolio Manager, Mackenzie Asset Allocation Team, discusses volatility in global bond yields due to turmoil in European markets and other short-term market moves.

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Fund Insight: A Track Record of Consistency

Consistency of investment returns is crucial to the stability of an investor’s capital growth over time. Learn how Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity Fund has given investors a consistent investment experience over many market cycles.

April 30, 2018

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Disruptors create value opportunities

The Mackenzie Cundill Team is finding ways to make money in stocks that have suffered from massive negative sentiment when disruptors such as Tesla, Netflix and Amazon enter a market creating the belief that these companies will win all the spoils and eventually “own” the market, thus destroying business models and stock prices. The Team has been able to take advantage of overreactions by investors to find good value in beaten-up companies such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (a perceived Tesla victim), 21st Century Fox (a perceived Netflix victim) and Advanced Auto Parts (a perceived Amazon victim).

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