Mackenzie Cundill Team

Realizing value by investing with experience, conviction and patience.

Richard Wong

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Head of Team

Philosophy and process

The Mackenzie Cundill Team adheres to a disciplined value investing style. The Team seeks out-of-favour or otherwise undervalued stocks, with identifiable catalysts and aims to buy these companies at a discount to their assessed value. The team believes that this approach can generate competitive long term returns as these situations are re-priced in the market. Portfolios are diversified, yet focused on our best value ideas sourced from industries, sectors and countries around the world.    

Portfolio Manager

Richard Wong, CFA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Head of Team

Mackenzie Cundill Team

Investment experience since 1994

The Team is led by portfolio manager Richard Wong, who has extensive experience in fundamental equity analysis and portfolio construction.

Richard joined Mackenzie Investments in 2016 and has more than 25 years of investment experience. Prior to joining Mackenzie Investments, Richard was a Global Portfolio Manager at a Canadian institutional value investment firm with more than $5 billion in client assets. He started his career in the corporate and investment banking group of a major Canadian bank.

Richard has a B. Comm. (Finance) with honours from the University of British Columbia. He is a CFA charterholder.



Fund Insights: Value Investing Amidst Volatility

We sat down with the Mackenzie Cundill Team leads to understand how they are managing the volatility in global stock markets and how they are positioning their funds.


Q2 2019 Commentary – Mackenzie Cundill Team

The Federal Reserve released the results of the annual Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) for US banks in late June. The CCAR evaluated the capital planning processes and capital adequacy of 18 of the largest banking firms, including the firms’ planned capital actions, such as dividend payments and share buybacks.



Q1 2019 Commentary – Mackenzie Cundill Team

Equity markets rebounded meaningfully in the first quarter from depressed levels in December. The sell-off in November and December was excessive due to a global growth scare.


How do we manage risk?

Jonathan Norwood and Richard Wong discuss how Mackenzie Cundill Team manages risk and protects the capital of investors.


Why Value Now?

Portfolio Managers Jonathan Norwood and Richard Wong discuss the two-year turnaround of the Mackenzie Cundill Team.


Where are we finding value around the world?

Jonathan Norwood and Richard Wong of the Mackenzie Cundill Team talk about finding value opportunities among disruptors.


Mackenzie Minute: January 12, 2018

Portfolio Manager Richard Wong says the Mackenzie Cundill Team is finding compelling value opportunities amid the divergent valuations in equity markets.


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