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Mackenzie Cundill Team

Philosophy & Process

The Mackenzie Cundill Team adheres to disciplined value investing that builds on the tradition of the late Peter Cundill, a legendary value investor and former Chairman emeritus of Mackenzie Cundill. The Team finds out-of-favour stocks that investors are avoiding, seeks a thorough understanding of potential catalysts for change, and buys them at a discount to their underlying intrinsic value. Our proprietary scoring system determines the required margin of safety for every stock in the portfolio. Each position is monitored for its progress toward realizing value. The Team is cash flow and balance sheet focused. We use a patient, bottom-up stock selection process with a global perspective. Portfolios are diversified but focused on the best value opportunities sourced from industries, sectors and countries around the world.

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Richard Wong, CFA

Senior Vice President, Investment Management, Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Cundill Team

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