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Opportunities in Value Investing

Finding opportunity in overlooked equities.

Lead portfolio managers, Richard Wong and Jonathan Norwood have been managing the Mackenzie Cundill Team since March 24, 2016.

Stocks often trade either well above or well below their underlying value which provides the portfolio managers plenty of opportunities. They believe that competitive long-term returns are the result of deep conviction and the will to act differently from the crowd.

Their value discipline leads them to areas of the stock market that have been shunned by other investors, where they find undervalued, unfashionable or misunderstood stocks and they evaluate their investment merit based on valuation and quality. It is not enough to hold cheap stocks though. The managers identify specific catalysts to drive share prices higher over a three-to-five year time horizon and they establish key milestones to recognizing this value in the markets.

Value Investing Defined

Richard Wong, Senior Vice President of Investment Management and Portfolio Manager of the Mackenzie Cundill Team, explains the difference between value investing and other investment styles.

Everything You Need To Know Read insights from the co-heads of the Mackenzie Cundill Team
about value investing in today's environment.

Understanding Value Investing Hear insights from the co-heads of the Mackenzie Cundill Team about value investing in today's environment.
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