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September 30, 2018

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September 21, 2018

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Philosophy & Process

The Mackenzie Growth Team aims to deliver superior performance over a full market cycle by investing in high-quality, innovative businesses of all sizes and in all sectors around the world. Portfolios are positioned and diversified to benefit from long-term secular growth themes in the macroeconomic environment. In our bottom-up portfolio construction approach, we examine a company to understand its business model, competitive advantages and the quality of its management team. Our goal is to accurately gauge the growth potential of the company. After rigorous analysis, we apply appropriate valuation techniques, typically discounted cash flow models, that guide our buy and sell decisions. We invest in companies whose stocks are trading at prices that do not fully reflect the sustainable growth prospects of the businesses. Companies are selected on their own merits and the focus is on industry leaders with unrecognized potential for strong growth. 

Portfolios are constructed to gain exposure to three tiers of investments. The majority are tier 1 companies that have long track records of consistent growth. Tier 2 growth companies, that are exposed to one region or limited products, make up the second largest portion of the portfolio. Tier 3 companies, which we consider to be high growth, fledgling enterprises generally make up the smaller portion of the portfolio.

Portfolio Managers

Phil Taller, MBA, CFA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Growth Team

Investment experience since 1991

Sonny Aggarwal, MBA, CFA

Associate Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Growth Team

Investment experience since 2000

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