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The Mackenzie Suite of ETFs

The Mackenzie Suite of ETFs

Overview of the Mackenzie ETF lineup

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Male: The EFT industry is experiencing incredible growth all around the world and the Canadian market is no exception. Many factors are driving that accelerated growth: Technology, demographics, regulatory factors, a greater focus on cost but also on outcomes. These are all among many factors that are contributing to the growth of the ETF market and Mackenzie is really well positioned to participate in that growth.

In 2015, Mackenzie made the decision to establish an ETF platform and the vision at the time was to extend our investor management capabilities to a broader audience of investors. And that is exactly what we’ve done. So as the needs of our clients evolve, we wanted to ensure that we have the appropriate delivery vehicles to deliver our capabilities to them. And that’s precisely what the ETF provides. So for a particular type of financial advisory model, the ETF is a useful component and it allows us to give our clients more choice as to how they access our investment capabilities.

Yeah(?), well consistent with Mackenzie’s evolution as an asset management solutions providers, the decision to launch exchange-traded funds is a great example of that evolution. And we made the determination that the ETF business should be representative of that and should include a more comprehensive suite of solutions for different types of client needs and those include our active capabilities as well as strategic beta capabilities, and now traditional index exchange-traded funds that are all available under the Mackenzie banner. And as I said, cater to a growing array of different client needs across different investor segments and position us more holistically as a provider of investment solutions.