Todd Mattina shares his current views on Mackenzie Global Macro Fund

Global Macro invests in a range of different asset classes, currencies, and commodities in different geographies.  This breadth of different asset classes allows the team to find opportunities in a broad range of different markets.  And as an alternative investment strategy, the Global Macro toolbox includes leverage and shorting so we can take advantage of differing market conditions.  In this way, Global Macro has a low correlation to traditional equities and bond risk, which typically dominates most of the expected return and volatility in investors’ portfolios.

So in today’s highly uncertain environment, equity risk remains high and government bonds continue to yield near historic lows, so it’s never been more important for investors to look for new opportunities to add value and reduce risk in their portfolios.  The Global Macro Fund dynamically adjusts its exposure to stocks and bonds, allowing it to take advantage of different market conditions.  And due to its lower correlation to other types of asset classes, an investor can achieve his or her expected return with lower overall portfolio risk.

The Global Macro Fund takes a diversified and fundamental approach to its portfolio construction and deliberate risk management.  We aim to avoid excessive risk concentrations in any one source of risk and return to have a more uncorrelated and diversified return profile relative to traditional stocks and bonds.