Maximum Diversification Investing

Our High Diversification Mutual Funds aim to enhance portfolio diversification to help investors achieve improved performance with lower risk over reasonable periods of time. The Funds invest in Mackenzie Maximum Diversification ETFs and may also invest a portion of assets in other ETFs, or in securities directly.

Mackenzie High Diversification Emerging Markets Equity Fund

  • Offers access to some of the fastest growing economies around the world.

Mackenzie High Diversification Global Equity Fund

  • Provides investors with the broadest geographic diversification possible by investing in markets around the world.

Mackenzie High Diversification International Equity Fund

  • Gives investors access to developed markets outside North America.

Mackenzie High Diversification European Equity Fund

  • Offers opportunities for clients to benefit from the recovery and growth of Europe’s economy.

Mackenzie High Diversification Canadian Equity Class

  • Allows investors to diversify beyond the largest sectors of Canada’s stock market: Financials, Energy and Materials. Available in a corporate class structure.

Mackenzie High Diversification US Equity Fund

  • Gives clients access to the world’s largest and most diverse stock market.

Mackenzie partnered with TOBAM, an award-winning asset manager, to offer these mutual funds as part of our enhanced diversification solutions. These Funds are based on TOBAM’s patented1 methodology, which is designed to protect portfolios from bias and risk concentration. The methodology is a proven process for enhancing diversification to reduce market bias and potentially enhance risk-adjusted returns.

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