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Exploring post-crisis economic scenarios

Exploring post-crisis economic scenarios

Prerna Chandak, MBA

Vice President ETFs

Recent gains in global stock markets have brought optimism for economic recovery. While the way the pandemic evolves over the next 18 months will impact the economy’s short-term recovery, what scenarios are likely in the medium-term? And what will the investment implications be?

In his June commentary, Todd Mattina, Mackenzie’s Chief Economist and Co-Lead of the Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team, discusses these three key post-crisis issues:

  1. The economic outlook for the next 18 months and the likely speed of any recovery.
  2. Potential medium-term economic scenarios, ranging from stagflation to V-shaped recovery.
  3. The investment implications of each scenario and ways to improve performance in different economic environments.

Read Todd’s outlook for recovery in his June commentary, “After the Pandemic: Economic Scenarios in the Post-Crisis World.” 

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