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Time to re-evaluate your asset mix

Time to re-evaluate your asset mix

Prerna Chandak, MBA

Vice President ETFs

In this rapidly evolving market environment, investors need a modern approach to asset allocation. The traditional 60/40 portfolio performed well in past decades, but today’s complex, uncertain conditions require greater flexibility and sophistication.

In his July commentary, Todd Mattina, Mackenzie’s Chief Economist and Co-Lead of the Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team, provides valuable macroeconomic insights as he discusses:

  1. How stagnation and stagflation scenarios are both possible, post pandemic, and what this could mean for your asset mix decisions.
  2. How an active approach to asset allocation could help investors successfully navigate an uncertain and potentially volatile economic environment.
  3. How an absolute return strategy incorporating alternative strategies like leverage and shorting can help smooth out performance while enhancing risk-adjusted returns.

For more timely insights from Todd, read his July commentary, “Asset Allocation for Tomorrow’s Uncertain Economy.”

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