Welcome to our ETF Insights Blog

Welcome to our ETF Insights Blog

Michael Cooke

Senior Vice President, Head of ETFs

Perhaps more than ever, Canadians need a sense of confidence that they can achieve their investment and retirement objectives. Exchange traded funds provide a high degree of versatility and precision, allowing investors to create portfolios designed to achieve very specific investment objectives. Such objectives might include target returns, monthly cashflow, volatility management or inflation protection. Global diversification, cost, liquidity, currency exposure and tax risk are other factors that must be considered when building a portfolio optimized for the needs of the Canadian investor.  

With its roots in Canada, the global ETF industry celebrated its 30th anniversary in March 2020. Mackenzie Investments recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of its Canadian ETF business. We don’t claim to be first movers in the ETF industry, but we have quickly grown to become the sixth largest ETF provider in this country. Our competitive advantages in investment management have made us very relevant to the Canadian ETF user. As importantly, with a track record as an asset manager that spans more than five decades, Mackenzie Investments understands and caters to the diverse need of Canadian investment professionals and investors.

The current environment is challenging for all of us. Canadians look forward to a return to normalcy while seeking confidence about the future. Mackenzie’s team of ETF professionals provides investment solutions that are relevant today. However, we also take a forward-looking view of the global investment landscape with the goal of providing Canadians with confidence that they can achieve their financial objectives tomorrow.

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