Mutual funds

Mutual funds provide professional expertise and built-in diversification. Each of our funds pools together cash from many different investors who share a common investment objective. A fund might hold dozens of individual stocks – more than any single investor could follow closely without a great deal of time and effort.

Benefits of mutual funds

  • Managed by full-time professional money managers.
  • Simplified investment tracking – much of your paperwork and record keeping is done for you.
  • Easy access to your money allowing you to buy and sell your funds on any regular trading day on the major securities exchanges in Canada.
  • Mutual fund companies are carefully regulated; your money is held separate to the operating funds of the fund company; and a custodian (a large Canadian bank or trust company) holds each fund's investment assets.

Variety of choice to diversify by asset class

  • Fixed Income & Money Market
  • Balanced (combination of equity and fixed income)
  • Equity (Canadian Equity, US Equity, Global Equity, Regional Equity)
  • Managed Assets (risk managed portfolios)

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Mackenzie Investments offers a wide range of mutual funds to choose from to build a diversified portfolio. It’s all about choosing the right funds and building the right portfolio for your needs.

Speak with your financial advisor to learn more about your options.