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Align Your Investments with Your Values

Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing (SRI) allows you to invest according to your values. Learn how SRI aims to generate competitive returns while supporting social change.

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How do you find balance?

Simply diversifying a portfolio evenly across asset classes may improve returns and lower risk in your portfolio relative to trying to pick winners. A better choice is to purchase a balanced fund.

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Don’t Hit Snooze: An RRSP Reminder

RRSP season is here, so make your contribution. There’s a deadline (It’s March 1st) and there are benefits (tax reduction and more). Make the most of your RRSP contribution.

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Learn More about Your Funds

At mackenzieinvestments.com, you’ll find comprehensive information regarding your mutual funds and ETFs, including:

  • Financial statements
  • Management Report of Fund Performance
  • Fund Facts

Mackenzie can also help you become a regular mutual fund investor through a Pre-Authorized Chequing plan (PAC).

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