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Mackenzie @ 50: From Local Start-Up to National Innovator

The journey started in a small office above a restaurant in Toronto as Canada celebrated its centennial. Alexander Christ founded Mackenzie Investments in that office in 1967 when he started managing the personal portfolio of one client, the owner of the restaurant. With a lot of hard work, Mr. Christ grew Mackenzie into a successful asset management firm that supports investors and their advisors across Canada.

From one client in 1967 to one million clients in 2017, Mackenzie Investments has supported Canadians and their financial advisors for 50 years. To help investors stay on course, we deliver innovation and expertise through mutual funds, ETFs, alternative investments, Private Wealth Pools and managed solutions. We also offer a charitable-giving program and solutions for saving for a child’s education and for giving financial assistance to people with disabilities. We always strive to bring insights, data and tools to advisors to help them support their clients.

In such a changing world, we want investors to have a confident journey. For 50 years, we have provided innovation, expertise and solutions to help Canadians achieve their goals for financial success. Mackenzie Investments is fully invested in the confidence and potential of Canadians.

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