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Confidence Boosters for Canadians Saving for Retirement

Advice and planning give a lot of Canadians confidence in saving for retirement. That’s one key finding of two online surveys of Canadian adults, commissioned by Mackenzie Financial Corporation in 2015 and 2017, on what gives them confidence about meeting their retirement goals. Whether you are retired, nearing retirement or working to get there, RRSP season is a great time to check in with your advisor. As the surveys show, working with a financial advisor can help boost your confidence in your retirement planning.

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Here’s what surveyed Canadians are doing to retire with confidence:

A financial advisor can help you incorporate these ideas into your own retirement strategy. 68% of Canadians who use a financial advisor say they feel confident about their retirement, compared to 38% of those who do not use one.

Use this checklist to start a retirement conversation with your advisor »