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Distribution Tax Factors

The links below provide you with the annual distribution tax factors for Mackenzie-sponsored mutual funds, whether they are structured as trust funds or corporate class funds. The information is organized by calendar year and provides the total distribution paid by a fund, the taxable components of the distribution and any return of capital amount. These figures are used to produce tax receipts for non-registered accounts.

Calendar Year Trust Funds Corporate Class Funds
2017 n/a XLSX*
2014 XLSX n/a
2013 PDF n/a
2012 PDF n/a
2011 PDF n/a
2010 PDF n/a
2009 PDF n/a
2008 PDF n/a
2007 PDF n/a
2006 PDF n/a
2005 PDF n/a
2004 PDF n/a

*Income earned by the corporation, changes in market activity, portfolio activity, or shareholder activity after the date of these estimates may cause the actual dividends to differ significantly from these estimates. Mackenzie Financial Corporation shall not be held responsible if the actual dividends differ from these estimates.