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Distributions: Estimates & Tax Factors

Distribution Tax Factors

The links below provide you with the annual distribution tax factors for Mackenzie-sponsored mutual funds, whether they are structured as trust funds or corporate class funds. The information is organized by calendar year and provides the total distribution paid by a fund, the taxable components of the distribution and any return of capital amount. These figures are used to produce tax receipts for non-registered accounts.

Calendar Year Trust Funds Corporate Class Funds
2018 n/a XLSX
2017 XLSX XLSX *
 XLSX **
2014 XLSX n/a
2013 PDF n/a
2012 PDF n/a
2011 PDF n/a
2010 PDF n/a
2009 PDF n/a
2008 PDF n/a
2007 PDF n/a
2006 PDF n/a
2005 PDF n/a
2004 PDF n/a

* March 31, 2017 distribution of dividends
** May 26, 2017 distribution of capital gains