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Distributions: Estimates & Tax Factors

Distribution Tax Factors

The links below provide you with the annual distribution tax factors for Mackenzie-sponsored mutual funds, whether they are structured as trust funds or corporate class funds. The information is organized by calendar year and provides the total distribution paid by a fund, the taxable components of the distribution and any return of capital amount. These figures are used to produce tax receipts for non-registered accounts.

Calendar Year Trust Funds Corporate Class Funds*
2019 n/a PDF 2
2018 XLSX 3 XLSX 4
2017 XLSX XLSX 6
2014 XLSX n/a
2013 PDF n/a
2012 PDF n/a
2011 PDF n/a
2010 PDF n/a
2009 PDF n/a
2008 PDF n/a
2007 PDF n/a
2006 PDF n/a
2005 PDF n/a
2004 PDF n/a

The estimated distributions are based upon approximations and information that does not reflect the funds’ full taxation year. The funds’ actual year-end distributions will be determined upon completion of the current tax year and may differ significantly from the amounts shown here for a variety of reasons including the occurrence of events since the estimates were first tabulated and variances resulting from the estimation process. The estimated composition of the distribution estimates also shown here are similarly subject to significant variability and importantly may differ materially from the actual factors ultimately used in compiling reporting for tax purposes due to such variability and given that actual tax factors also take into account the amount and nature of other distributions previously made by the funds in the current tax year.

If a particular fund or series is not included in the distribution estimates file, it is because Mackenzie Investments does not project it will pay a year-end distribution in 2019.

Included with the distribution estimates and factors file is an indication of the percentage of a fund’s NAV per unit represented by each distribution estimate. The size of the actual distribution estimate as a percentage of a fund’s NAV per unit is subject to material variation and such indicative percentages should not be relied upon.

The payment of distributions is not guaranteed and may fluctuate. The payment of distributions should not be confused with a fund’s performance, rate of return or yield. If distributions paid by the fund are greater than the performance of the fund, your original investment will shrink. Distributions paid as a result of capital gains realized by a fund, and income and dividends earned by a fund are taxable in your hands in the year they are paid. Your adjusted cost base will be reduced by the amount of any returns of capital. If your adjusted cost base goes below zero, you will have to pay capital gains tax on the amount below zero.

Mackenzie Investments provides estimated distributions for information purposes only. These estimates are not intended to be, nor should they be construed to be, legal or tax advice to any particular person.

May 17, 2019 distribution of capital gains
March 22, 2019 distribution of dividends
3 Trust Funds managed by Mackenzie Investments expect to make 2018 year-end distributions on or about December 21 and December 31 for funds having year-ends for tax purposes of December 15 and December 31 respectively.
4 March 23, 2018 distribution of dividends
5 May 25, 2018 distribution of capital gains
6 March 31, 2017 distribution of dividends
7 May 26, 2017 distribution of capital gains