Many Canadians are looking for a simple and effective way to give

The Mackenzie Charitable Giving Fund is a donor-advised giving program that has a strategic and focused approach to giving. It is a simple and convenient solution that combines immediate tax benefits to the donors, and supports donors who are looking for a long-term approach to giving. 

Here’s how it works:

  • The initial gift: Decide on how much to donate with an initial minimum of $25,000.
  • Make the donation: Decide how to donate to the Fund, whether in cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or insurance.
  • Name the fund: Decide what to name the Fund. Every time a grant is sent to a charity, the Fund's name will be cited as the source of the gift (unless it is anonymous). For example, The Evans Family Charitable Giving Fund
  • Make recommendations: Select which eligible Mackenzie Investments Funds to invest in and which eligible charities will receive the grants.
  • Name a successor: Choose a successor for the fund (e.g., a child or another family member).

Benefits of the Mackenzie Charitable Giving Fund

  • Simplicity: Consolidates charitable giving, tax reporting and record-keeping.
  • Tax advantages: Receive an immediate tax receipt for donations.
  • No capital gains taxes: On gifts of most publicly-listed stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • Growth: Give more to charities over time through the potential growth of the donations.
  • Flexibility: Recommend which charities will benefit from the gift.
  • Choice: Eight mutual funds, professionally managed by Mackenzie Investments.
  • Legacy: Create a charitable legacy by naming a successor or setting standing grant recommendations.

Investment options

Donations to the Mackenzie Charitable Giving Fund can be invested in any one of eight balanced mutual funds, offering the potential for donations to grow and ultimately result in additional dollars to charities over time.

Make a difference today

Talk to your advisor to see how you can start making a difference today.