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Preferred Pricing

Mackenzie Private Wealth Solutions Preferred Pricing

Mackenzie’s Preferred Pricing Service is designed to ensure that an investor automatically benefits from reduced costs, as your wealth grows.  

Key Benefits

  • A minimum of $100,000 investment in any single series of a fund offered by Mackenzie automatically qualifies for Preferred Pricing enrollment.
  • With $250,000 in household assets, minimums are generally waived on the amount required to be invested in any one series or fund.
  • Additional fee reductions automatically apply at subsequent aggregated household investment levels of $500K, $1M, $3M and $5M.
  • Competitive incremental pricing structure means lower costs based on every dollar increase in a portfolio versus traditional tiered-pricing structures. 
  • High-water mark, providing cost protection against downward market movements by locking in the highest market value your clients’ portfolio has reached net of redemptions.

Lower & simpler pricing coming soon. Find out more.

Mackenzie’s aggregation and householding policies are among the most flexible and accessible in the industry.

  • Combine all of your Mackenzie assets across multiple funds, series and class levels to qualify for fee reductions.
  • Receive price reductions sooner by combining your assets with family members who live with you.

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