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Mackenzie Active Fixed Income ETFs

Actively Performing for 2 Years!

It all started when Mackenzie launched four fixed-income ETFs in April 2016. Over two years, those ETFs have been strong performers for investors.

Mackenzie Fixed Income ETFs are agile solutions that give investors expanded, cost-effective access to a wide range of securities. Experienced portfolio managers take care of the asset-management decisions.

Two years and more ETFs later, Mackenzie ETFs have grown to more than $2 billion in assets under management. Mackenzie has been one of the fastest growing ETF providers in Canada.

Why Active Fixed Income?

Listen to Steve Locke, Head of the Mackenzie Fixed Income Team, and Michael Cooke, Head of Exchange Traded Funds talk about using active fixed income ETFs in client portfolios.

Active ETFs: The First Two Years May 23, 2018

On the second anniversary of the launch of Mackenzie active ETFs, portfolio manager Steve Locke explains how these fixed-income ETFs manage risk and seek better risk adjusted returns.


Mackenzie Minute: May 4, 2018 May 4, 2018

Michael Cooke, Head of Mackenzie ETFs, talks about using ETFs to position client portfolios against geopolitical uncertainty and a robust economy.


The Core-Plus Spectrum:
Mackenzie Active Fixed Income ETFs

Your Choice of Income Solutions.

Mackenzie Fixed Income ETFs

  • Provides investors a steady flow of income by investing mainly in Canadian high quality fixed-income securities.
  • A disciplined active approach to high yield investing helps to evaluate the risk and reward potential in security selection.
  • Core holding made up of investment-grade Canadian fixed-income securities.
  • Allows investors to diversify their exposure to different economic and interest rate cycles globally.
  • Unconstrained approach allows portfolio manager to select global fixed income securities/instruments across various fixed-income credit ratings, duration, structures, sectors, currencies and countries.
  • Helps mitigate interest rate risk since floating rate loans are less sensitive to interest rate moves compared to traditional fixed-income instruments with potential income enhancement.

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