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Alternative Investment Solutions

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New Alternatives
for a New Normal. The evolution of portfolio diversification.

Changing markets demand a new
level of diversification

When you consider a traditional balanced portfolio, the relative risk exposure isn't as balanced as you may think. In fact, equity risk tends to dominate so much that it makes your balanced portfolio vulnerable to market swings. By allocating to alternative solutions, you can diversify your sources of return and reorient the risk in the portfolio.

Balanced Portfolio

Traditional Sources of Returns
Balanced Portfolio

Modern Portfolio

Alternative Sources of Return
Balanced Portfolio
  • Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Alternatives

For illustrative purposes only. The above shows a representative 60/40 balanced portfolio and a portfolio with an allocation to alternatives which includes alternative mutual funds and other funds that have exposure to alternative assets. This illustration is not intended to represent a suggested portfolio allocation and the approximated risk allocation is for reference purposes only and does not reflect actual portfolio risk exposure. The above is not representative of any Mackenzie funds.

Today's markets require complementary solutions to mitigate volatility and provide streams of return that are less market-dependent. Alternatives offer just that.

Mackenzie's alternative investment solutions can be broadly grouped into two main categories - alternative strategies and alternative assets.

Alternative Strategies

Use sophisticated approaches like leverage and short selling to potentially generate excess returns. Our alternative strategy solutions are considered alternative mutual funds or liquid alternatives.*

Alternative Assets

Gain exposure to infrastructure, real estate, commodities, currencies and other non-traditional asset classes that can offer patterns of return that are different than traditional stocks and bonds.

*Alternative mutual fund is a regulatory term for funds that use alternative strategies in a manner not typically permitted for other conventional mutual funds, such as generating leverage through short selling or derivatives.

Which alternative solution is right for you?

Mackenzie has created sophisticated portfolios that integrate alternatives to help better diversify core, equity and fixed income investments. Each fund below is uniquely managed by alternative investment experts and gives you easy access to sophisticated portfolio management.


Equity Diversifier

Mackenzie Global Long/Short Equity Alpha Fund

Attain high return potential by taking long and short positions in equity securities of companies located anywhere in the world.


Core Diversifier

Mackenzie Global
Macro Fund

Harness global macroeconomic trends to seek strong and diversified returns by taking long and short positions in equity securities, fixed-income securities, commodities and/or currencies.

Mackenzie Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund

A multi-asset fund combines the most popular alternative strategies – credit absolute return, global macro, long/short equity and equity market neutral - in a one-ticket solution.


Fixed IncomeDiversifier

Mackenzie Credit Absolute Return Fund

Diversify return drivers and seek positive and consistent returns by applying leverage and taking long and short positions in fixed income securities around the world.

Alternative Assets

Mackenzie also has solutions that provide exposure to alternative asset classes including real estate, infrastructure, currency, commodities and others. Mackenzie's alternative asset solutions do not use alternative strategies.

Mackenzie Diversified Alternatives Fund
Mackenzie Portfolio Completion ETF

Key benefits of alternative solutions

  • Can provide return streams that are different than those from stock and bond markets
  • Can enhance portfolio diversification for a smoother ride
  • Easy to add to a portfolio
  • Daily liquidity with $500 minimum investment

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Talk to your financial advisor to see if Mackenzie’s alternative solutions
may be suitable for you.

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