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Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund Series A

Asset Class: Canadian Equity

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As of July 31, 2019
Major holdings represent 45.2% of the fund.
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Total # of
Equity Holdings
Holding name, country and sector Percentage of holding in fund
Accenture PLC
United States | IT Consulting & Other Services
United States | Insurance Brokers
Royal Bank of Canada
Canada | Diversified Banks
Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd
Canada | Railroads
Quebecor Inc
Canada | Cable & Satellite
CCL Industries Inc
Canada | Metal & Glass Containers
Stantec Inc
Canada | Research & Consulting Services
Germany | Application Software
Stryker Corp
United States | Health Care Equipment
Baxter International Inc
United States | Health Care Equipment

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As of June 30, 2019
Holding Name No. of Shares/Units Market Value CAD (000s) % of NAV
Accenture PLC Class A 606,830 146,832 4.7%
Alcon Inc. ADR 798,057 64,848 2.1%
Aon PLC 588,567 148,741 4.8%
ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. 1,609,377 34,280 1.1%
Bank of Montreal 747,977 73,990 2.4%
Baxter International Inc. 1,160,391 124,455 4.0%
CAE Inc. 3,350,089 117,957 3.8%
Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. 430,630 132,819 4.2%
Capgemini SE 736,481 119,926 3.8%
CCL Industries Inc. Class B non-voting 2,243,650 144,087 4.6%
Danaher Corp. 489,756 91,663 2.9%
Dollarama Inc. 1,887,059 86,937 2.8%
Heineken NV 426,273 62,297 2.0%
Jamieson Wellness Inc. 3,141,778 63,181 2.0%
Koninklijke Philips NV 683,964 38,892 1.2%
Morneau Shepell Inc. 1,699,129 50,243 1.6%
Pason Systems Inc. 4,622,346 87,732 2.8%
Premium Brands Holdings Corp. 1,374,584 122,093 3.9%
Quebecor Inc. Class B Sub. voting 4,298,381 134,067 4.3%
Royal Bank of Canada 1,441,685 150,036 4.8%
SAP AG 624,054 112,222 3.6%
Spin Master Corp. 1,456,134 55,144 1.8%
Stantec Inc. 4,010,360 126,046 4.0%
Stella-Jones Inc. 1,813,376 85,700 2.7%
Stryker Corp. 453,600 122,117 3.9%
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. 8,195,000 82,165 2.6%
TELUS Corp. 1,537,144 74,413 2.4%
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. Class A 249,844 59,911 1.9%
The Toronto-Dominion Bank 512,060 39,183 1.3%
Toromont Industries Ltd. 274,466 17,036 0.5%
Wolters Kluwer NV 1,023,943 97,617 3.1%
Zoetis Inc. 372,615 55,378 1.8%
Total Investments -- 2,922,008 93.4%
Cash & Equivalents -- 208,035 6.8%
Currency Hedge Contracts -- 4,291 0.1%
Other Assets (Liabilities) -- -8,825 -0.3%
Total Net Assets -- 3,125,509 100.0%

Asset Allocation (%) Help Holdings by region and sector

As of July 31, 2019
  • Regional Allocation
      United States
      Hong Kong
      Cash & Equivalents 5.8%
  • Sector Allocation
      Industrials 23.6%
      Health Care 15.7%
      Financials 13.4%
      Information Technology 12.1%
      Consumer Staples 9.4%
      Materials 6.7%
      Communication Serv. 5.9%
      Cash & Equivalents 5.8%
      Consumer Discretionary 4.8%
      Energy 2.6%

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Dina DeGeer, MBA, CFA

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Mackenzie Bluewater Team

Investment experience since 1985

David Arpin, MA, CFA

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Mackenzie Bluewater Team

Investment experience since 1995

Shah Khan, MBA, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Bluewater Team

Investment experience since 2010

Hui Wang, MBA, CFA, CAIA

Associate Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Bluewater Team

Investment experience since 2010

Note: USD option is capped to new purchases.

The Series G versions of this fund are closed to new investments.

On November 25, 2016, the investment objectives of Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund changed by removing the references to investments in fixed-income securities and government issued securities. The Fund’s portfolio manager has not traditionally invested in these securities and does not expect to in the future.

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  • Alpha: A measure of the difference between a portfolio's actual return and its expected return given its level of risk. Risk is measured by beta. A positive number indicates that it has performed better than beta would predict.
  • Beta: A measure of the tendency of the value of the fund and the value of the benchmark to move together. The market has a beta of 1. If beta of a fund is higher than 1, the movement in value compared to the benchmark tends to be amplified. A beta less than 1 means the movement in value tends to be dampened.
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* The blended index is composed of 60% S&P/TSX Composite Index, 30% S&P 500 Index and 10% MSCI EAFE Index.

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