Mackenzie Emerging Markets Opportunities Class Series A

Asset Class: Global Equity
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Why Invest in this Fund?

  • Broad, diversified exposure across emerging markets
  • Portfolio positioned to benefit from structural shifts in the global economy as well as from shorter-term opportunities that develop from time to time
  • Seeks to invest in quality companies with clear evidence of both mispricing in the market and potential catalysts that may lift the share price within a reasonable time frame

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Portfolio Managers

Jan Cornelis De Bruijn

Senior Vice President

Mackenzie Global Emerging Markets Team

Investment experience since 1992

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* The MSCI Emerging Markets (Net) Index is a free float adjusted, market capitalization weighted index that is designed to measure the equity market performance of emerging markets. It consists of 21 emerging market country indices. Net total returns are after the deduction of withholding tax from the foreign income and dividends of its constituents.