Asset Class Global Equity

Mackenzie Maximum Diversification All World Developed ex North America Index Fund

Why invest in this fund?

  • Seeks to increase diversification to reduce biases and enhance risk adjusted returns
  • Enhances diversification in international equity markets, excluding North America, to avoid concentration in sectors like Financials
  • A proven, award-winning diversification methodology exclusively available through Mackenzie Mutual Funds and ETFs to all retail investors in Canada

Formerly known as Mackenzie High Diversification International Equity Fund

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Ayaaz Allymun

Managing Director, Deputy Head of Portfolio Management


Investment experience since 2001

Guillaume Toison

Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Management


Investment experience since 2004



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Index Provider


Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Index mutual funds are based on TOBAM Maximum Diversification Index Series created by TOBAM S.A.S.

TOBAM is a Paris-based index provider and institutional asset manager.