Asset Class Global Fixed Income

Mackenzie Private Global Fixed Income Pool

Why invest in this fund?

  • Maintains a weighted average credit quality of “A- “or higher, which allows access to global opportunities to generate potentially higher total returns while maintaining low risk classifications.
  • Makes global investment decisions based on each country’s point in the credit cycle, creating opportunities for superior returns.
  • Access to the global fixed income universe of 25,000 securities to make relative value assessments across credit qualities, interest-rate environments, durations, structures, sectors, currencies and countries.

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Konstantin Boehmer, MBA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 2003

Steve Locke, MBA, CFA

Senior Vice President, CIO Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Strategies, Co-Lead of the Fixed Income Team

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 1995




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