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Mackenzie US Growth Class Series FB5

Asset Class: US Equity

Historical Data

    Price History

    Date Current sort (descending)
    Price CAD sort by Price CAD Daily Change CAD sort by Daily Change CAD Daily Change CAD% sort by Daily Change CAD% Price USD sort by Price USD Daily Change USD sort by Daily Change USD Daily Change USD% sort by Daily Change USD%
    18/10/2019 15.5455 -0.1217 -0.7768%
    17/10/2019 15.6672 -0.0193 -0.1230%
    16/10/2019 15.6865 -0.0498 -0.3165%
    15/10/2019 15.7363 0.0684 0.4366%
    11/10/2019 15.6679 0.0605 0.3876%
    10/10/2019 15.6074 0.0250 0.1604%
    09/10/2019 15.5824 0.1843 1.1969%
    08/10/2019 15.3981 -0.2623 -1.6749%
    07/10/2019 15.6604 -0.1319 -0.8352%
    04/10/2019 15.7923 0.2255 1.4486%
    03/10/2019 15.5668 0.1523 0.9880%
    02/10/2019 15.4145 -0.2187 -1.3989%
    01/10/2019 15.6332 -0.2014 -1.2719%
    30/09/2019 15.8346 0.0681 0.4319%
    27/09/2019 15.7665 -0.1351 -0.8496%
    26/09/2019 15.9016 0.0529 0.3338%
    25/09/2019 15.8487 0.0526 0.3330%
    24/09/2019 15.7961 -0.0908 -0.5715%
    23/09/2019 15.8869 -0.0444 -0.2787%
    20/09/2019 15.9313 -0.0873 -0.5450%

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    Portfolio Managers

    David Arpin, MA, CFA

    Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager

    Mackenzie Bluewater Team

    Investment experience since 1995

    Dina DeGeer, MBA, CFA

    Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Head of Team

    Mackenzie Bluewater Team

    Investment experience since 1985

    Shah Khan, MBA, CFA

    Vice President, Portfolio Manager

    Mackenzie Bluewater Team

    Investment experience since 2010

    Hui Wang, MBA, CFA, CAIA

    Associate Portfolio Manager

    Mackenzie Bluewater Team

    Investment experience since 2010

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