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Mackenzie US Mid Cap Growth Currency Neutral Class Series F

Asset Class: US Equity

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As of August 31, 2019
Major holdings represent 39.7% of the fund.
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Total # of
Equity Holdings
Holding name, country and sector Percentage of holding in fund
Carter's Inc
United States | Apparel Accessories & Lux Gds
United States | Health Care Supplies
Progressive Corp/The
United States | Property & Casualty Insurance
AO Smith Corp
United States | Building Products
Markel Corp
United States | Property & Casualty Insurance
Syneos Health Inc
United States | Life Sciences Tools & Services
Waters Corp
United States | Life Sciences Tools & Services
Equifax Inc
United States | Research & Consulting Services
United States | Data Prcssg & Outsourced Svcs
Gartner Inc
United States | IT Consulting & Other Services

Complete Fund Holdings Help Full holdings list

As of June 30, 2019
Holding Name No. of Shares/Units Market Value CAD (000s) % of NAV
A.O. Smith Corp. 1,259,535 77,787 2.2%
Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. 17,346 2,900 0.1%
Brown & Brown Inc. 306,896 13,464 0.4%
Cambrex Corp. 1,175,069 72,032 2.0%
Cantel Medical Corp. 1,118,879 118,156 3.3%
Carter's Inc. 1,440,775 184,036 5.1%
Cerner Corp. 824,906 79,183 2.2%
Cognex Corp. 1,221,695 76,762 2.1%
CommVault Systems Inc. 1,625,241 105,608 2.9%
CoreLogic Inc. 723,830 39,650 1.1%
CoStar Group Inc. 174,871 126,881 3.5%
Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc. 1,628,709 86,318 2.4%
Dentsply Sirona Inc. 1,968,826 150,468 4.2%
DexCom Inc. 613,730 120,428 3.4%
Dolby Laboratories Inc. Class A 1,253,445 106,038 3.0%
Endologix Inc. 130,517 1,237 0.0%
Equifax Inc. 744,690 131,887 3.7%
ExlService Holdings Inc. 1,156,315 100,138 2.8%
First Republic Bank 85,343 10,913 0.3%
Frontdoor Inc. 1,040,340 59,332 1.7%
Gartner Inc. 389,182 82,024 2.3%
Glanbia PLC 3,263,922 69,504 1.9%
Healthcare Services Group Inc. 2,368,297 94,035 2.6%
Hudson Ltd. 1,303,993 23,548 0.7%
Instructure Inc. 1,145,418 63,749 1.8%
Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc. 2,718,898 73,240 2.0%
Markel Corp. 88,333 126,041 3.5%
MAXIMUS Inc. 1,253,884 119,113 3.3%
Middleby Corp. 266,428 47,346 1.3%
Nielsen Holdings PLC 1,748,387 51,745 1.4%
Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. Class A 911,822 135,635 3.8%
Premier Inc. Class A 1,335,894 68,420 1.9%
Signature Bank 352,414 55,768 1.6%
Silicon Laboratories Inc. 135,368 18,330 0.5%
Spirit Airlines Inc. 1,909,479 119,352 3.3%
Syneos Health Inc. 2,059,662 137,802 3.8%
Tenable Holdings Inc. 397,049 14,840 0.4%
Teradyne Inc. 136,800 8,583 0.2%
The Progressive Corp. 1,298,909 135,960 3.8%
Tyler Technologies Inc. 113,149 32,009 0.9%
Varonis Systems Inc. 443,972 36,012 1.0%
Verisk Analytics Inc. 478,694 91,812 2.6%
Wabtec Corp. 616,617 57,946 1.6%
Waters Corp. 482,686 136,054 3.8%
Total Investments -- 3,462,086 96.4%
Cash & Equivalents -- 88,100 2.5%
Other Assets (Liabilities) -- 38,767 1.1%
Total Net Assets -- 3,588,953 100.0%

Asset Allocation (%) Help Holdings by region and sector

As of August 31, 2019
  • Regional Allocation
      United States
      Cash & Equivalents 2.7%
  • Sector Allocation
      Health Care 24.1%
      Information Technology 23.6%
      Industrials 23.3%
      Consumer Discretionary 12%
      Financials 10.1%
      Cash & Equivalents 2.7%
      Real Estate 2.3%
      Consumer Staples 1.9%

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Portfolio Managers

Phil Taller, MBA, CFA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Growth Team

Investment experience since 1991

You can no longer purchase this fund under the US dollar settlement option.

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  • Sharpe Ratio: A measure of how much of a fund's excess return is achieved for a certain level of risk. The greater a fund's Sharpe Ratio, the higher the risk-adjusted returns.

Effective June 1, 2018, the management fee and/or administration fee of series F, PW, PWB, PWT, PWFB, and PWX of the fund was reduced. The new fees will not be fully reflected in the current MER until the semi-annual MER for the period ended September 30, 2019.

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* The Russell 2500 (Hedged to CAD) Index measures the performance of the small- to mid-cap segment of the U.S. equity universe. The Index is a subset of the Russell 3000 Index. It includes approximately 2,500 of the smallest securities based on a combination of their market capitalization and current index membership. The foreign currency exposure is hedged back to the Canadian dollar.

†The major holdings of the Fund may, but do not necessarily, represent the largest holdings of the Fund. Rather, the major holdings are selected for their overall significance in evaluating the investment portfolio. Please see to view the funds/products using currency derivatives to hedge exchange risk.