Tax-efficient investing

Series T funds provide an alternative for investors looking for steady, tax-efficient cash flow with the potential for capital appreciation.

The benefit of choosing Series T: tax efficient income

All Mackenzie Investments Series T funds pay either a 6% (Series T6) or 8% (Series T8) annualized distribution. They also distribute, in whole or in part, return of capital (ROC), which is not immediately taxable. Tax is deferred until fund units or shares are sold, or the investor’s capital is depleted. The adjusted cost base (ACB) is lowered by the amount of ROC and any capital gain (or loss) is realized when the investment is sold.

Combining Series T and Corporate Class

With Mackenzie Investments Corporate Class, the tax advantages are even greater. Corporate Class is designed to give taxable investors the freedom to switch from one fund to another within Corporate Class and not realize an immediate taxable disposition.

In addition, the taxable portion of the monthly distribution is minimized or eliminated in a Corporate Class Series T fund.

Flexible Payout Service

With Mackenzie Flexible Payout Service (FPS) you can fully customize the tax-efficient income you receive according to your needs.

Who should invest in Series T?

  • Investors seeking tax-efficient income outside of their registered plans.
  • Seniors who want to grow or receive income from their investments while preserving their Old Age Security (OAS)/Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

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