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Investment Management

The Symmetry Investment Team at Mackenzie Investments adds years of pension experience to an already strong portfolio management base. Its meticulous investment process incorporates practices employed by some of the best pension investors, such as examinations of asset classes, investment managers, macro-economic conditions and numerous real-time factors. Furthermore, the Symmetry suite of portfolios is scrutinized through four layers of risk management filters.

Photo of Nelson Arruda

Nelson Arruda, CFA

Vice President, Investment Management

Nelson has experience in investment research and portfolio management of multi-asset strategies, including equities, sovereign debt and commodities. Previously, Nelson spent seven years at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board where he performed various roles, including head portfolio manager of the active commodities portfolio, covering energy, agriculture and metals.

Photo of Andrea Hallett

Andrea Hallett, CFA

Vice President, Investment Management

Andrea has provided asset allocation expertise at Mackenzie Investments since 2002. Her responsibilities have included the oversight of external portfolio managers and the management of a strategic asset allocation program. 

Photo of Alex Bellefleur

Alex Bellefleur, CFA

Chief Economist and Strategist

Alex has experience in global macro research focusing on currencies, interest rates, equity indices and commodities. He will draw on his 10+ years of experience to provide insights on macroeconomic data, policies, imbalances, trends and risks. Alex’s research will help maintain and improve the team’s long-run valuation models for major asset classes.

Photo of Michael Kapler

Michael Kapler, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Michael manages factor-based global equity strategies for the Asset Allocation team. He draws upon 10 years of experience at various hedge funds and financial institutions where he was involved in quant equity portfolio construction, equity factor investing, alternative strategies, asset allocation and risk management.

Symmetry Managers

Symmetry Mangement Companies

The use of the term or phrase “pension style investing” (“phrase”) should not be misconstrued as a claim of compliance with the Pension Benefits Standards Act of Canada. The phrase used in respect of Mackenzie Investments’ Symmetry Portfolios refers to its selective use of pools. Pools are simply separate accounts, or mandates, in which portfolio managers are provided with guidelines that complement other mandates within a larger long-term portfolio. In the case of Symmetry Portfolios, Mackenzie Asset Allocation Team ask portfolio managers to invest within specific guidelines exclusively for Symmetry Portfolios. Examples of Symmetry Portfolio guidelines may be: no cash held in a portfolio; Canadian equity securities only; utilize a consistent value bias and a threshold on market cap.

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