Federal grants

Saving for a child’s education is one of the most important financial goals that a parent can have. The Government of Canada offers grants to enhance a child’s RESP. Here is what you could expect to receive if you are eligible: 



Amount is based on a $2,500 annual contribution

Basic Canadian Education Savings Grant (CESG)

Not conditional on family income. There is a lifetime maximum CESG amount of $7,200 per beneficiary. 




This applies to the first $500 annual contribution

Additional CESG

This amount is only available to families with income (2016) of less than $45,282. Additional CESG counts towards the lifetime maximum CESG amount of $7,200 per beneficiary.




Initial grant

Canada Learning Bond

The lifetime maximum amount per beneficiary is $2000 (initial $500 + $100/year for 15 years). This amount does not affect the lifetime maximum CESG of $7,200. The beneficiary’s family must continue to receive the National Child Benefit Supplement to be eligible.


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