Guided Portfolio Service

Take the emotions out of investing and create a customized portfolio solution with Mackenzie Guided Portfolio Service (GPS). GPS is an automatic rebalancing service available at no cost when using Mackenzie Investments funds.

Benefits of using Mackenzie GPS

Diversification can lessen the effects of market cycles and increase the chances that some portion of an investor’s portfolio will always be in favour. But diversification is only one part of controlling and managing risk.

Portfolio rebalancing keeps the asset allocation true to investor’s original goals. Rebalancing can deliver better returns by taking gains from out-performers (selling high) and putting them into under-performers (buying low). Sell-high/buy-low is a hallmark of disciplined investing.

For investors seeking regular monthly income from their investments, the risk management characteristic of portfolio rebalancing also helps mitigate sequence of return risk (negative returns earlier in the withdrawal/income stage).

Mackenzie GPS is suited to investors who:

  • Are concerned with market volatility – especially retirees who have built their retirement savings and are seeking retirement income solutions.
  • Want a fully customizable and flexible portfolio solution.

Is Mackenzie GPS the right solution for you?

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