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The Mackenzie Active Fixed Income ETFs. Explained.

The Mackenzie Active Fixed Income ETFs. Explained.

Steve Locke, Lead of the Mackenzie Fixed Income Team, outlines the strategies and opportunities that can be found in Mackenzie’s new fixed income ETFs.

Show transcript

MICHAEL COOKE: Active ETFs are an important investment alternative and are playing a larger role in portfolio construction. Developed in-house, our ETFs are managed by Mackenzie s Fixed Income Team, led by portfolio manager Steve Locke.

STEVE LOCKE: Our Fixed Income Team has deep expertise to analyze securities, currencies and credit quality across the global fixed income spectrum.  So we’re proud to be offering access to these capabilities through Mackenzie’s new active fixed income ETFs.

The first of the four products is the Mackenzie Unconstrained Bond ETF. This strategy is designed for investors wanting a smoother ride over a credit market cycle. The unconstrained approach allows us to select global fixed income securities across various credit ratings, duration, sectors, currencies and countries.

Next is the Mackenzie Core Plus Canadian Fixed Income ETF. This ETF invests across an expanded universe to help create greater yield opportunities. Core holdings are made up of high quality corporate and government bonds, with tactical allocations to higher yielding asset classes that are difficult for individuals to analyse and purchase.

Third, the Mackenzie Core Plus Global Fixed Income ETF maintains an overall average credit quality of A- or higher. It also helps investors diversify their exposure to different global economic and interest rate cycles.

Finally, the Mackenzie Floating Rate Income ETF. This strategy offers higher current income potential by investing in floating rate loans, which is a high yield asset class. It may also help mitigate interest rate risk as floating rate loans tend to be less sensitive to interest rate fluctuations.

These are truly diverse portfolios.  And we think our flexible portfolio management approach is positioned to create enhanced income opportunities.  We are really excited to bring this to clients through our 4 active fixed income ETFs. 

MICHAEL COOKE: Mackenzie ETFs are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange where they can be purchased or sold at any time during the trading day. To learn more details on how Mackenzie active ETFs can help you reach you financial goals please visit our website or call your advisor.