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2017 Federal Budget Highlights

2017 Federal Budget Highlights

Frank Di Pietro, Assistant Vice President of Tax & Estate Planning, shares several highlights from the 2017 Federal Budget.

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FRANK DI PIETRO: I am here in Ottawa, where Finance Minister Bill Morneau has unveiled the 2017 Federal Budget.

Overall, the Federal Budget contains several provisions impacting investors, families, and business owners. Now the good news is that there are no new taxes, no increases in personal tax rates or corporate tax rates. In addition, many had speculated that the capital gains inclusion rate would go up from its current 50% level. Again the good news is there are no changes to capital gains taxation.                                           

So what has changed?

Well, the government has continued on its path it set last year and closed tax loop holes, improved tax relief for the middle class, and eliminated ineffective and inefficient tax measures that really only benefitted the wealthy.

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