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Mackenzie Minute: June 23, 2017

Michael Cooke, Senior Vice President, Head of Exchange Traded Funds, discusses how the Mackenzie ETF Team delivers relevance amidst the changing backdrop for investment professionals.

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MICHAEL COOKE: Well if I look at the world through the lens of the investment professional, there’s a whole host of things that are impacting the way they conduct their affairs with their clients – political, economic – closer to home, regulatory changes that are all influencing the way advisors approach their business and the way they interact with their clients. There is every day brings something new and creates both challenges and opportunities for financial professionals and their clients. From our perspective, we’re trying to deliver relevance against that changing backdrop with the types of solutions and investment vehicles that we’re bringing to the marketplace for investors.

Well, as it relates to the investment outlook, a lot of people are concerned about where interest rates are going, you know, and fixed income investment being so central to most investor portfolios, how do financial advisors position their client portfolios against that unpredictability because the level or direction of interest rates has a large bearing on the performance of fixed income portfolios, on the current income, on the preservation of capital. So it’s a challenging time and for advisors, they’re looking at ways to add value to client portfolios, to manage for cost, liquidity, the added value of investment management.

We have two solutions: the Mackenzie Floating Rate Income and the Mackenzie Unconstrained Bond ETFs that address those needs and are further validated now by having more than one year live track records that demonstrate their ability to add value with market-beating returns and very attractive risk-adjusted returns, as well, that we think are two highly relevant solutions in the current environment.