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Introducing Mackenzie ETF Portfolios

Introducing Mackenzie ETF Portfolios

Learn how Mackenzie ETF Portfolios are an easy way for anyone to access ETFs.

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Mackenzie ETF Portfolios: As ETFs attract more attention from Canadian investors, we're making it easier to include ETFs in your portfolio.

Introducing Mackenzie ETF Portfolios. These innovative solutions combine Mackenzie ETFs in a mutual fund. It's a unified investment experience: ETFs meet mutual funds.

Mackenzie ETF Portfolios offer the best of both worlds… you get the cost-efficiency of ETFs plus the accessibility and flexibility of mutual funds. 

The Portfolios provide multi-level diversification, which means they diversify across asset classes, investment approaches and geography. You also get three types of ETFs as Mackenzie combines active, strategic beta and traditional index ETFs in each Portfolio.

To manage risk, Mackenzie ETF Portfolios use risk-based asset allocation. The Mackenzie Asset Allocation Team applies strategic allocation to achieve an optimal mix of equity and fixed income assets. They provide active oversight and make tactical shifts to take advantage of market opportunities.

The five Mackenzie ETF Portfolios have different risk profiles for different risk appetites. Each Portfolio is designed to maximize return potential while controlling for risk.

A suite of flexible and convenient solutions for investors who want ETFs in their portfolios.

Take the complexity out of ETF investing and speak to your financial advisor about Mackenzie ETF Portfolios.